Our Team

Our Staff

Patricia Day TenEyck, Executive Director


Patricia joins PAW Team with more that 25 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and a lifetime of passion for animals. She is very excited to be with PAW Team as it is her first opportunity to combine her love of animals and her skill set in nonprofits. She has been a hospice foster home for Old Dog Haven in Washington and has a soft spot for older dogs - especially big ones! Her other canine loves are German Shepherds and she currently has a young German Shepherd (Evie) who was a Christmas present from her sons in 2017, an elderly, blind rescue GSD/Border Collie mix (Mika), and a young adult, rescue GSD (Oliver) from MCAS, along with a cat (Captain Jack) who masquerades as a coach potato most days unless he is bringing live mice home to turn loose in the living room. Patricia Lives in Vancouver and has two young adult sons, Dylan and Justice, who also share her deep love of animals.

Amy Kunz, Client Coordinator


Amy fell in love with PAW Team in early 2017 as our client coordinator intern. With the completion of her internship she graduated with her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Human Services. Her passion for helping others led her to a position that opened her eyes to the dire care needed for the companion animals of those in need. Amy is extremely dedicated to PAW Team and is very humbled and honored to be in this position. Amy has a true love for puppy drool, traveling, beautiful places, and her bloodhound, Thurston. 

Nicole Perkins, Client and Volunteer Coordinator


Nicole is thrilled to join PAW Team. Nicole has been surrounded by dogs, birds, reptiles, rodents, and horses her whole life, and firmly believes that every person and animal deserves love and companionship. She brings experience from a variety of non-profits and feels like this job is tailor-made for her passion for helping animals and their people. Outside of work, she is the production assistant for a local storytelling show, and the proud mom of six chickens and her dog Finley. 

Alethea Rudd, Medical Programs Coordinator


Alethea joins the staff at PAW Team after a year of running weekly technician appointments as a volunteer. She came into veterinary medicine later in life when she stumbled across an exotic animal rescue center in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and ended up volunteering for a few months. Upon returning to The States, Alethea became committed to pursuing a career working with animals. Though she has worked in private practice, she was drawn to PAW Team because of the truly rewarding nature of the work. Her passions within the field include client education, nutrition, and venipuncture. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from CUNY Hunter College in NYC. When not at PAW Team you can find her snuggling her dog Bagel, who she loves just slightly more than karaoke.

Our Board

Andrea Sanchez, DVM, President

Dr. Andrea Sanchez has been a small animal veterinarian since graduating from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007.  Since that time she has worked at Banfield Pet Hospital in a variety of roles, including clinician, chief-of-staff, medical director, hospital openings manager, and senior manager of operations support. 


In her spare time, Dr. Sanchez enjoys volunteering as a clinician for Portland area Veterans Stand Down events, volunteering at Central City Concern's Free Clinics, and giving talks to school-age children and educational groups.  She has coordinated and given talks about empathy for animals and responsible pet ownership to over 1000 school-age children.  Every year she co-hosts and directs Mars Ambassador Project, a program that brings a full week of free preventive care clinics and educational programs to underserved communities all over the world.  In 2016, the program took place in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She also sits on the committee of the Banfield Better Together Fund, a fund that provides support to associates of Banfield Pet Hospital after natural disasters.  Most importantly, she is adoptive mother to four rescued fur-children, Danny, Frankie, Felix, and Pablo Escobar. 

Megan Vaniman, JD, Secretary


Megan V has always had a love for animals. Megan joined the PAW Board after learning about the services PAW Team provides to animals and their loving owners in late 2017. Megan moved to Portland in 2009 to attend law school. While in law school, Megan was an associate editor of the Environmental Law Review and advocated for a better environment for all animals. Since then, Megan has continued to address social and political inequities through her legal work. She is an active member of the Oregon Women Lawyers and is on the committee for the St. Andrew Legal Clinic’s annual Race for Justice. She is currently an attorney with Sather, Byerly & Holloway, LLP

When not working or volunteering with PAW Team, Megan can be found running in a local race, cycling, or backpacking in the Pacific Northwest with her partner, Nate, and their dog Ernie Banks. She also has two cats, Harriet Schmarriet and Juniper, she adopted from local shelters. 

Megan DiPierro, Treasurer 

Megan graduated with a degree in finance from the University of Nevada, Reno. Throughout her career she has pursued her passion for animal health care. In the past decade, she has worked as a Volunteer Manager at the Greenhill Humane Society and a Business Analyst at VetSource, a veterinary pharmacy.  After earning her MBA from Portland State University, Megan began working at Banfield Pet Hospital as a Pricing Analyst.  

Megan first volunteered with the PAW Team in late 2016.  After realizing the positive impact they had on the community she felt honored to become a part of that team.  In her time off Megan enjoys taking her dog Matilda to the park and updating her mid-century home.

Julia Doty

Julia Doty.jpg

Julia Doty has been volunteering with PAW Team since 2012.  She joined the board of directors in 2014 and has served as the board secretary since 2015.  After earning a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2008 from Northeastern University, Julia completed two years of service with Americorps.  She is passionate about helping people in poverty access the resources they need.  Her favorite thing about volunteering at PAW Team is being able to witness the fierce connection between people and their pets.  For her day job, Julia is the Director of Resident Services for Northwest Housing Alternatives, a non profit affordable housing developer based in Milwaukie, OR.

Lisa Williams, DVM

As a Portland, Oregon native who never strayed too far away from home, Lisa loves the NW community, the outdoors, the mountains, and the ocean. After almost 10 years as a practicing veterinarian, as well as 12 years as a finance professional, Lisa believes in authenticity, accountability, compassion, commitment to personal growth and connection with people and their animals. Lisa has a natural ease in talking with people and genuinely enjoys meeting new clients and listening to the challenges they face in the care of their pets. Veterinary medicine brings together all kinds of people, including coworkers, clients, other for profit industry people and those who work in the not–for-profit sector.  In order for our veterinary community to be successful, we all must work well together. Lisa believes the key to this requires treating all with dignity and respect even while working out differences and maintaining high ethical standards for personal and professional interaction. Lisa has been active in the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) and has volunteered at a not-for-profit clinic in Rarotonga (Cook Islands), for the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) in Mississippi post hurricane Katrina, and for the Perros Project in Huanchaco, Peru. When not stopping to pet every dog on every street corner, and when not caring for those that make it to her clinic, you can most often find Lisa with a latte and working in the yard or enjoying walks, runs or bike rides through our wonderful neighborhoods. 

Margaret Wixson, DVM


Margaret Wixson first became involved in providing veterinary care for pets of people experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty in 2007 as a volunteer vet assistant for VETSOS, a mobile clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a veterinary student at UC Davis, she was a spay/neuter coordinator for the student-run Mercer Clinic for Pets of the Homeless. Margaret is driven by the knowledge that veterinary care is necessary for both animal and human health and strongly supports efforts to reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter. Since becoming involved with PAW Team in 2017, she has been impressed by the compassion, services, and standard of care PAW Team is able to offer patients and their companion people. 

During the day, she is a shelter veterinarian at Oregon Humane Society. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring local volcanoes on skis and playing Irish banjo and cittern with her husband.

Kara Klepinger

Growing up, Kara was a daily volunteer during the Summer at her local animal shelter in Denver, CO. She always thought she would grow up to work with animals. Fast forward a few years and now Kara has a Bachelors in Psychology with an eye towards social and non-profit work. Combing her two main interests, she worked at PAW Team as the Client and Volunteer Coordinator soon after moving to Portland. As a previous staff member of PAW Team, the organization is very near and dear to Kara’s heart. She currently works as the Community Programs Coordinator at another non-profit and is very humbled and thrilled to be able to volunteer at PAW Team in this capacity. Working with the community and the animals they share a bond with is a huge passion of Kara’s. She shares her life with her partner Steven and their little rascal kitty, Rigley. They hope to soon be in a good enough place to welcome an adopted dog into the mix.


Megan Dorwin


A lifelong advocate and lover of animals, Megan became connected to PAW Team in 2017 when she began serving on the PawPalooza event committee and she’s been hooked ever since. As a social worker who believes fundamentally in the importance of inter-connectedness and community, Megan is beyond thrilled to join PAW Team and to get to be a part of such an awesome group of people doing amazing work in the community.  

In her spare time she can be found exploring the beach, wandering the trails, and relaxing in her hammock in the backyard. A recent homeowner, Megan is looking forward to setting down roots, adopting a dog and spending weekends exploring her new neighborhood.

Ryan Cave

Ryan is a Pacific Northwest native who grew up with cats and now trains dogs in his spare time. He has owned everything from a guinea pig to a homing pigeon and has a rule to pet at least one dog per day (it’s the key to happiness). Ryan came to learn of PAW Team when his dog Oskar was in need of help due to a cruciate ligament tear in his right knee and his family was not in a place to afford it. Having experienced and witnessed PAW Team’s services in action Ryan saw an opportunity to help grow their programming and help others who are in the same position his family once was.

Ryan started his career in sales and quickly grew to building businesses and marketing strategies. Having experience in sales, marketing, strategy, and non profit management/fundraising consulting, Ryan’s goal is to grow PAW Team’s programming to help as many people as possible in the Portland Metro area and beyond.

When Ryan isn’t working or volunteering you will find with him with his wife Maggie and their pup Oskar climbing a mountain, backpacking/camping, hiking, or weeding the garden.

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