Your Donation's Impact

  • $65 Provides a spay or neuter surgery for a dog in need. Help us continue to offer spay/neuter surgeries to all our clients at no cost to them. These surgeries further reduce the over pet population in our community and ensure pets living on the street don't have to take care of anyone but themselves and their people. 
  • $250 Provides a life-saving or life-enhancing surgery. Thanks to donors like you, PAW Team is able to offer life saving and life enhancing surgeries for pets in dire need. PAW Team partners with many veterinary clinics around the Portland Metro Area that perform major surgeries such as tooth extractions, growth removals,  and more, often for a rate of 10% of market value.
  • $20 Provides a wellness exam and a full set of vaccinations to a pet in need. Having a pet up to date on all vaccinations is often a requirement for families to be accepted into transitional housing, low-income housing, or temporary shelters. Your donation ensures that a simple vaccine does not cause a family to choose between housing and their family member. 
  • $45 Provides all the above plus a county license and a microchip. County licenses help reduce the likelihood an animal will be confiscated from its owner. This license is also proof the animal received a rabies vaccine, keeping our community healthy and safe. Microchips are the best way to reunite lost pets with their owners, reducing already over-crowded shelters and making life easier for lost pets and their worried owners.

Want to provide a lasting impact? Consider a recurring monthly contribution to support our clinics. It's convenient and easy.

Prefer to mail a check? We accept those too. Please mail checks to our address: 1718 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97220

Apoquel, esp 3.6/5.4mg
Amoxicillin 100mg/200mg
Cefpodoxime 100/200mg
Clavamox Drops and Clavamox Tablets, esp 375mg
Clindamycin, esp 75mg
Enalapril 2.5/5mg
Fluconazole, any mg
Gabapentin 300mg
Levetiracetam 250/500mg
Methimazole TD
Ondansetron 4/8 mg
Orbax Oral Suspension
Pimobendan 1.25
Potassium Bromide, any mg
Prednisolone 20mg
Prednisolone Oral Suspension
Prednisone 5/20mg
Rimadyl, any mg
Theophylline 100 mg
Terbutaline 2.5mg
Trazadone 50/100mg
Joint/Skin Supplements
L-Lysine Chews
Denamarin <12#

Vaccines: FeLV, FVRCP, DHPP, Rabies
Flea Prevention for Cats: Revolution
Flea Prevention for Dogs, especially dogs 10 to 20 pounds: Bravecto, Nexgard, Capstar, Activyl, Revolution, etc.
Dewormer: Drontal, Drontal Plus, Virbantel, Profender 

Dental Prevention: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Dental Chews

Depo-Medrol 20mg/mL
For Surgery: Propofol, Dexdomitor, Antisedan

Prescription Food:
s/o and other urinary diets: feline- kibble, canned
k/d and other renal diets: canine/feline- kibble, canned
z/d and other HA diets: canine/feline- kibble, canned
w/d and other weight management diets: canine- kibble, canned
i/d and other GI diets: canine/feline- kibble, canned

Topicals, Opthalmics & Otics:
Silver Sulfadiazine (out!)
Neo-Predef Powder
Unopened Ear/Eye Meds: BNP, Neo Poly Dex, Otibiotic, Mometemax, Synotic, Prednisolone Acetate, Optimmune (out!)
Medicated Shampoo esp with Ketoconizole/Miconazole and Chlorhexidine

3cc Syringes with 22g x3/4" needle!
1 cc Oral Syringes w/caps
U-40 Insulin Syringes
Microchip Scanner!
Muzzles, esp for Small-Med Dogs
Electric Clippers
Large Portable Dog Scale
For Surgery: Isoflurane, IV Catheters (20g/22g), Extension Sets, Chlorhex Scrub