Qualification Process

Clients should call PAW Team at (971) 333-0729 to schedule a qualification appointment.  Appointments will last 10-15 minutes.  Clients must bring recent proof of income (from the past 2 months) and a photo ID.  You may also ask your caseworker at DHS for a Verification of Income Statement that includes the sources above (SNAP, WIC, TANF,  SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, etc.).  We are unable to qualify anyone for services who does not have these two documents.  At the appointment, the client will be told whether or not they qualify.  For a detailed breakdown of the federal poverty line, please click HERE

Qualifying clients will have to re-qualify every 12 months.

Referring Agencies

PAW Team partners with a number of social service agencies in Portland.  If you are not currently a referring partner agencies with PAW Team, please contact Maia Shwartz at maiashwartz@pawteam.org to learn more about becoming a referring partner agency.

Current Referring Agencies

Clients referred from your agency for PAW Team’s services should meet the income criteria listed above.  As a provider of social services, you may be privy to extenuating circumstances, which you believe should allow the client access to PAW Team’s services despite not meeting the income criteria.  While we ask that you adhere to the income criteria as much as possible, referral to PAW Team is ultimately at your discretion.

Referral Timeline

Referrals from partner agencies will be able to access PAW Team services for 12 months following the referral.

Referral Process

The referral form should be filled out completely on both sides and emailed to info@pawteam.org.   PAW Team will contact the client within one week to schedule their appointment for services.  Clients referred to PAW Team no longer have to complete the qualification process – they are automatically qualified when they are referred by you.