Spay/Neuter Services

PAW Team requires all companion animals in your household be spayed or neutered if s/he is at least 12 weeks of age.  We will make rare exceptions for older animals or those with dire medical problems.  But don't worry.... we provide free spay/neuter surgeries for all our clients! We partner with the Oregon Humane Society to perform spay/neuter surgeries for the pets of our clients with funding provided by PetSmart Charities. And the best part is that all household pets can receive vaccines, a microchip, and a nail trim at the time of surgery, too. All these services are provided at no cost! 

All animals in your household are eligible for PAW Team’s spay/neuter program, even if they do not qualify for our other services due to the large number of pets in your household.  If you refuse to make an appointment to get your animal(s) spayed/neutered, or do not show up to your appointment, you will no longer be eligible to receive PAW Team services for any animal in your household.  If an unforeseen event occurs and you cannot make the spay/neuter appointment, you can reschedule once before becoming ineligible.

Nervous about the procedure? Myths and facts about spay/neuter

Myth: It is unhealthy or unethical to spay or neuter a pet that is young.

FACT: Spaying and neutering is safe for young animals and does not interfere with healthy development.  PAW Team recommends spaying/neutering starting at three months of age.

Myth: It is better to let my animal have one litter first.

FACT: Medical evidence indicates females spayed before their first heat cycle are typically healthier and live longer.  Every time a female animal goes through a heat cycle she is at an increased risk for painful breast cancer and deadly uterine infections.

Myth: When my animal has a litter I will find good homes for all the puppies/kittens.

FACT: You may find homes for all your animal’s puppies or kittens but there are already puppies and kittens being euthanized in shelters every week.  Further, you have no way to guarantee those animals will not have babies of their own when they are older.  Allowing your animal to breed only contributes to the problem.  Be part of the solution and get your animal altered before she/he breeds.

Myth: My female animal cannot be spayed if she is in heat.

FACT: PAW Team veterinarians are highly experienced and comfortable with spaying female animals in heat.

Myth: My male animal will feel like less of a male.

FACT: Animals do not have any concept of masculinity.  Neutering your male animal will not cause him to suffer any kind of emotional or identity crisis.  Your animal will be healthier and a better companion. Male animals who do not get neutered have shorter lives due to their increased tendency to run away, get hit by cars, or suffer deadly fight injuries.