How to Qualify for PAW Team Services

PAW Team provides services for those experiencing houselessness or those living below the federal poverty line.

In addition, all pets in your household must be spayed/neutered, or you must be willing to get your pet spayed/neutered at no cost to you.

To Qualify or Re-qualify

PAW Team qualifies new and returning clients through an in-person interview. We conduct qualification interviews on Tuesdays at our office. Please arrive between 10am and 1pm to have an interview. We are located at 1718 NE 82nd Ave. Portland, OR 97220 - Directions

Qualification interviews can take 15 to 30 minutes. For your interview, please bring a photo ID and documentation of all income for your household. This could include pay stubs and/or bank statements for 3 months, award letters for public assistance (SNAP, TANF, or SSI/D/B award letter), and/or documentation of housing assistance. You must bring your documentation of income with you, or you will be asked to return another time for your interview. Please note that PAW Team staff will ask additional questions about your housing and income to determine if you are eligible for services.

Your pet is welcome to join you for your interview, but we do not offer same day appointments and will not be able to see them that day.

For a detailed breakdown of the federal poverty line, please click HERE.

Qualifying clients must re-qualify every 12 months with proof of income.

If you have any questions please call PAW Team at (503) 206-6033.

Referral Program

We partner with several social service agencies in the Portland area that serve those experiencing houselessness or extreme poverty.  

We are not accepting any more partner agencies in 2019.

If you are interested in becoming a referring agency in the future, please contact PAW Team in January 2020 at

Until then, your clients are welcome to self-refer with the qualification information above.

Referral Process
Caseworkers from our current partner agencies must first attend a PAW Team training in order to refer their clients directly to PAW Team. Once you have attended a training, you will receive an official referral form to fill out for your client. Your information will be used as a secondary contact for your client.

We do not currently have anymore trainings scheduled for 2019. If you are a caseworker for one of our current partners and you are interested in attending a future training, contact to learn more.

Clients referred from your agency should meet the income criteria listed above, and must be willing to spay/neuter their pets if they are not already. Once the referral is processed, PAW Team will contact your client directly to discuss PAW Team services. Clients referred to PAW Team are automatically qualified once the referral is processed, and do not have to come to the PAW Team office to complete their qualification.

Referral Timeline
Clients referred from partner agencies will be able to access PAW Team services for 12 months following the referral.

Current Referring Agencies
We work with specific departments within the following organizations:

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, Cascade AIDS Project, Catholic Charities, Central City Concern, Elderplace, Transition Projects, Reach Community Development, Rose Haven, Home Forward, Impact NW, NW Housing Alternatives, Veterans Affairs.