What We Do

The Portland area is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of homelessness with no end in sight. Many of those experiencing homelessness or living in impoverished conditions depend on their pets to provide love, comfort, companionship, security and a reason to regain health, stability and in some cases, maintain sobriety. But life on the streets is as hard on animals as it is on humans and going without basic veterinary care often leads to silent suffering and serious health problems.

The PAW Team is the only Portland area organization with the sole mission of providing free veterinary  care to the pets of people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty.

Our diverse client base includes families and individuals, seniors, disabled citizens, terminally ill citizens, disenfranchised youth, and military veterans. Our clients often have just one dependable relationship in their lives - that of a beloved companion animal.

PAW Team networks with over 20 social services agencies including those serving the victims of domestic violence, homeless youth, senior and low income housing, the mentally challenged, people living on the streets or in transitional housing and families living in extreme poverty, to identify the need and provide care before situations reach a crisis point.

Operating with minimal staff and a mighty force of volunteers, PAW Team provides a wide range of medical services to those who demonstrate true need. We currently care for over 450 pets per year - a number that will increase in the coming years as homelessness and poverty reach record levels.

Honoring the healing power of the mutually beneficial human-animal bond, PAW Team has been responsible for enhancing and saving the lives of thousands of cherished companion animals.